At Moontide I started as an intern working on a wide range of projects. Soon after I became one of the lead designers. Some of the creative assets I worked on included commercial concepting, apparel design, and social media assets. I learned to create with an emphasis on collaboration and attention to detail. I design to solve and relate.


Logo and app design for Achieve. Achieve is a social media app that allows you to share and track your personal goals. I wanted to create a design to help people visualize their success. The creative process started with a target. I couldn’t just design an alternative “target”. So I stacked two A’s on one another to look like a double helix. With the combination of a target and the representation of human DNA, this logo expresses Achieve’s ability to better yourself.


Posters made for BetRivers Casino and Sportsbook. These are used as advertisement promo posters in the Pittsburgh Penguin and Detroit Piston stadiums. Through multiple rounds of drafts, we found the best fit was the poker chip. The top two designs were blown up in proportion and are now 7 x 7 ft posters.

Freelance logo and app design for Toss. Toss is a college campus marketplace app. This design was created to bring people together with a fun and inviting visual. I expressed that with the choice of the font. Adding symbols to this '70s-themed font helped the identity of Toss to come through in this design.

Lorem. is a project that started with the placeholder text and ended with it. I wanted to take what every designer/copywriter sees at the beginning of a project and make something from it. I call it Love Of Real Emotional Motive. The posters are multi-media. A combination of acrylic paintings and Adobe Illustrator.